Why do we hold a School Age Conference?

Umbrella has been told over the years that there is a need for a network for school age child care providers.

We have heard from many professionals in school age centres that they need workshops, exhibits and networking opportunities tailored to their specific needs.

In response to this need, Umbrella has organized a half day conference solely for our school age child care providers and the workshops and displays are targeted for school-age professionals only.

What happens at the conference?

There are excellent workshops to choose from. Many (but not all) are offered twice so if your choice is full at one session, you may be able to register for the other session. You’ll have the opportunity to meet suppliers and converse with your colleagues from other centres. It’s an important networking event that you won’t want to miss?

Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® Training

2 Day Certification Training

This program, considered the worldwide standard for crisis prevention and intervention training, can help your organization:

The Crisis Prevention Institute has created a new enhanced Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® Training with new verbal techniques, tools, and holds. The training focuses on prevention and offers proven strategies for safely defusing anxious, hostile, or violent behaviour at the earliest possible stage by using verbal de-escalation, safety techniques and as a last resort control positions.